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FAQ: Impact of COVID-19





Q: Am I allowed to travel to Belgium under the current travel restrictions? Do I need any specific certificate/authorization?

A: All information can be found on our homepage, our visa pages, as well as the following pages on the website of the Belgian Immigration Office: International Travels

Q: Do I need to fill in the Passenger Locator form before traveling to Belgium? Do I need to do a PCR test/quarantine after traveling to Belgium? 

A: All information can be found on our homepage, our visa pages, as well as the following pages on the website of the Belgian Immigration Office: International Travels.

Q: I received a visa before the travel restrictions came into force. Can I still use the same visa? 

A: If the visa is still valid, Yes. If your visa is expired, you will need to apply for a completely new visa, and you will be required to present all the documents necessary, and pay the visa handling fees, where applicable. 





Q: Before the travel restrictions, I got a certificate of criminal record/medical certificate /KOSEKITOHON, etc.,  in preparation for my visa application, but the validity of the document is now expired (later than 6 months after the document was issued). Do I have to get a new certificate? 

A: Yes, the validity of those documents is exactly 6 months. 

Q: I received a work permit/Single Permit approval (annex 46) before/during the travel restrictions, but my company has decided to postpone my work abroad to a later time. Do I need to apply for a new Single Permit? 

A: Please first check the expiry date mentioned on the work permit document you received from the Belgian competent regional government. As long as the work permit is valid for more than 3 months on the date of visa filing at the visa counter, you can apply for a visa D with the same documents. If not, you need to re-start the process from the first stage. 





Q: I left Belgium and came back to Japan before I was able to get registered at the municipal office. Can I use the same D visa to enter Belgium again? 

A: In principle, yes, but only if the visa is still valid (please verify the validity date on the visa sticker). If the period of validity of visa D expires before the planned trip can be made, a new visa is necessary.

For the registration as a resident, please confirm with the municipal office of your intended place of residence in Belgium.

Q: I came back to Japan after the Covid-19 pandemic started. In the meantime, my resident card (residence permit) has expired. What should I do?

A: You need to apply for a D Visa again. 





Q:  I received a Short Stay Visa before the pandemic started, but was unable to go to Belgium. Now I would like to go. Do I need to apply for the visa again? 

A: If the period of validity of the visa issued for the postponed trip is insufficient to cover the duration of the new trip, a new visa may be requested on the condition that your travel falls into the category of essential travel.

For the conditions in detail, please refer to the following webpage of the Belgian Immigration Office: International Travels.


Do I need to pay again? 

A: Yes, since it is a new visa application file.

Q: The conference/seminar/business meeting that I was supposed to attend in Belgium was postponed because of the pandemic. Can I apply with the invitation letter that states the original dates, or do I need to get a new invitation letter?

A: A new invitation letter is required.