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D Visa for Single Permit Approval Holders

Please read the important notes on the bottom of the page carefully before lodging your application. 

Minimum stay of 91 days

  • Single permit application: please click here for general information and guidance regarding the supporting documents necessary for a single permit application in Belgium.

List of supporting documents

Please prepare 1 set of supporting documents in the order mentioned below.






Visa Application Form 

2 originals

  • Printed from VOW
  • Signed and dated.
  • Do not use a hyphen (-) to input your telephone number in VOW; this could result in an error in the system.



1 original


1 copy of the data page

  • Issued less than 10 years ago.
  • Valid for at least more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa.
  • With a minimum of 3 consecutive blank pages with the mention ‘visa’ available (for affixing the visa sticker)
  • Undamaged.


Recent passport photos

 3 originals

  • Conform to  ICAO standards
  • 1 photo to be attached on each application form
  • 1 photo to be submitted separately
  • Full name to be written on the back of each photo.


Valid Japanese resident card

1 original


2 copies of the front and back

  • Only for non-Japanese applicants


Single Permit Approval (‘Annex 46’)

1 original

  • The single permit (combined work and stay permit) should be applied for by your employer in Belgium to the regional employment office in Belgium.
  • When the work permit is approved, the file is transferred to  the Belgian Immigration Office. The positive decision on both work and stay authorization (single permit approval ‘Annex 46’) is notified by the Immigration Office to the employer/employee, and the Belgian Embassy where the employee officially resides.

Admission to work 1 original 
  • Issued by the competent Belgian regional government
  • Has information on the duration and place of work in Belgium


Language form

1 original

  • In French, Dutch or German
  • Choose one of the forms and indicate your language preference (or no preference). The option you choose will be used by the Belgian Home Office to communicate its decision regarding your visa application. There is no English version of this document. 

Visa Fee

Exact amount to be paid in cash at the visa desk.

Free of charge for Japanese, Moroccan, Israeli, Turkish, and San Marino nationals.

Click here for detailed information on prices and exemptions



  • No application will be accepted without VOW (visa on web)  and an e-appointment. Please refer to the “VOW Guidance”.
  • The final outcome of your visa application will be a direct result of the information that can be found in the supporting documents you have presented. If you wish for a specific outcome, please provide sufficient documents to prove the necessity of that outcome.
  • Personal appearance is not required.

(In)complete documents

  • The visa desk reserves the right to request additional documents (even if not featured in the list above) or to invite the applicant to an interview if deemed necessary.
  • An incomplete application file can result in a visa refusal. However, a complete file does not guarantee the issuance of a visa. Be informed that the visa section has no obligation to ask for missing documents. If a document is missing, it will be assumed that you are unable to provide it, or that you do not wish to provide it.


  • All official documents issued by a (foreign) public authority (e.g. birth certificate, proof of celibacy, etc.) should be accompanied by an official translation (by a sworn/professional translator) into one of Belgium’s official languages: French, Dutch, or German. Please also make sure that all official documents comply with the legalization/translation requirements.
  • All non-official documents (e.g. proof of relationship, bank statements, flight tickets, etc.), should be accompanied by a translation (free translation by yourself, or by sworn/professional translator) into one of Belgium’s official languages (French, Dutch or German) or English.

Financial proof

  • Financial proof (salary slip, certificate of scholarship, bank statement, etc.) should always be presented in EURO. If the original currency is not EURO, please convert the sums using a reliable currency converter such as xe.com or oanda.com, and mention the conversion rate and date of conversion.

Preparation of the application file

  • Unless otherwise indicated, documents sent by fax or email are not accepted.
  • All copies must be A4 size.
  • Setting - in the order listed above

                 1 original application form +1 set of copies of other documents listed above

         AND 1 original application form +1 set of copies of other documents listed above

         AND 1 set of original documents listed above