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Since October the 1st 2012 all new Belgian passports have to contain biometric data. These data (fingerprints, identity picture and signature) have to be registered “live”.

To obtain a biometric passport all Belgian citizens (from the age of six) have to apply therefore in person and with an appointment at the Embassy in Tokyo. When in need to apply for a passport but you can not make it to the Embassy in Tokyo, there are some alternatives to get your biometric data registered (see "flying consul" or preregistration .

The delivery of a passport takes about 2 weeks on the condition that your administrative file at the Embassy in Tokyo is up to date.

Since June the 15th 2014, the validity of a passport for adults is 7 seven years while it is only 5 years for minor children younger than 18 years. The validity expires also when the passport is damaged, when the picture doesn’t resemble the holder anymore or when the holder has lost the Belgian nationality.

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