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Documents to submit (passport)

The written application for a passport must include the following documents:

For each applicant:


The Embassy can only issue passports for citizens who are registered in the Embassy's consular registers. 

Therefore, if the ID application concerns a newborn child or a person who has not yet been registered at the Embassy in Tokyo, a complete registration application must also be done: Registration

An  e-Appointment

  • All Belgian citizens (from the age of 6) have to apply in person at the Embassy after making an e-Appointment
The special form
  • Only for children younger than 6
  • Completely filled in and duly signed by both parents
  • + an identity picture
The regular form
  • For children older than 6 and adults
  • Completely filled in and duly signed
  • For minors (-18), it should also be signed by both parents
Current Belgian passport To be invalidated and destroyed unless you would like to have it returned (it still contains a valid visa, you want to keep it as a souvenir,…). Mention this in writing so it can be sent back to you.
 A copy of the police statement Only if your current passport is lost or has been stolen.
A copy of your foreign identity card and/or passport. Only if you possess a second nationality other than the Belgian one.
  • A copy of your Japanese residence card (back and front)


  • Other document showing your current address in Japan (e.g., juminhyo)
 Your Japanese immigration documents 
  • Only if you do not have Japanese citizenship
  • A work permit, stay permit, study permit, etc.
The consular fee
  • Payment can only be made in cash, the exact amount. There is no change available at the counter.

A self-addressed LetterPack Plus

  • Only if you wish to receive the new passport by registered mail instead of picking it up.

  • The Embassy cannot be held responsible for any delays, losses, or damages incurred during shipping.