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Preregistering your biometric data with the intention to apply for a passport within 12 months

Don’t need a passport soon, but you'd like to have your identity picture, fingerprints, and signature registered for when you are ready to apply? This pre-registration can be done for free and will stay valid for 1 year.

This preregistration can be done

  • at the Embassy in Tokyo
  • During a “flying consul” mission (see below)
  • at a Belgian diplomatic or consular post in a different country (see below)

First, you must obtain a confirmation form, which will confirm the pre-registration of your biometric data. This document is valid for a limited period of 1 year. This means that you will have to send your complete passport application to the Embassy in Tokyo within 12 months of receiving the confirmation. Don’t forget to add the confirmation form to your application. If you have lost the confirmation form, please contact the Embassy by e-mail.  

Option 1: Registration of the biometric data in the Embassy in Tokyo

If, for example, you are in Tokyo or close to the Embassy, but don't need to renew your passport for a while longer, you may opt to make an e-Appointment for the preregistration of your biometric data to apply for the passport at a later date. 

Option 2: Registration of the biometric data by the “flying consul”

For Belgians who do not live in the Tokyo area, it is not always easy to go to the Embassy to have their photo, fingerprints, and signatures registered. The Embassy organizes "flying consul" missions from time to time, notably in Osaka (at least once a year) and occasionally in other regions of Japan. When this is the case, Belgians living in those regions are contacted by the Embassy. Only those who respond and receive a confirmation from the Embassy will be received during these flying consul missions.

Option 3: Registration of the biometric data at a Belgian diplomatic or consular post in another country

if you are temporarily staying in another foreign country. In that case, you can also get your biometric data registered in the Belgian diplomatic or consular post of that country (click here for information on all Belgian posts abroad).

Please contact the Embassy by e-mail in order to prepare all necessary paperwork. Then, you can contact the other post and arrange the appointment with them.

Please note that the other post will only be able to process your request if the Embassy in Tokyo has first received your complete application and given you its approval.