Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Japan

Choice of name


Valid for children born after 01.01.2018:

A Belgian child's last name(s) and first name(s), as recorded on the Japanese birth certificate by a Japanese Civil Officer, are recognized by Belgian law. However, if the parents of the Belgian child want to change the name as recorded on the Japanese birth certificate, they can choose Belgian law for the determination of the child's name.


  • This choice will only influence the child's name in Belgium. It will not affect the child's name in Japan.
  • This choice can be made only for the first common child of the parents. This choice will then apply to all following common children.
  • This choice is cannot be revoked.

Changing the last name(s)

Which name(s)?

For common children born after 1 June 2014, parents can choose between several options: the name of one of the parents or a combination of the two names (in the desired order). If the couple has common children born before June 1, 2014, this choice is more limited

For more details, visit the website of the FPS Justice.


  • For families registered in the consular register of this Embassy: when registering the child in the consular population register of the Embassy 
  • For families still registered in Belgium: when transcribing the Japanese birth certificate in the civil registers in Belgium (art. 48 BW)


The application for the choice of name must be done in writing. When registering your child in the consular registers of the embassy, ​​please send:

  1. The birth certificate, duly legalized with an apostille, and translated by a sworn translator
  2. Copy of the passport of the non-Belgian parent
  3. Copy of the family register (kosekitohon) of the non-Belgian parent, with a free translation into Dutch, French, or German
  4. Declaration of choice of applicable law on the name and first names  (FR or NL)
  5. Declaration of honor on the common children (FR or NL)
  6. Application form with photo, signed by both parents with copies of their identity documents  (FR or NL

See also: Birth in Japan

Based on the above documents, the Embassy will draft a declaration of name change. The draft of the declaration is first submitted to our central administration in Brussels for approval. Once the declaration is approved, you will receive a notification. Then, you can make an e-Appointment to come to sign the declaration at the embassy.

The procedure can take several months.

Changing the first name(s)

Please consult the website of the FPS Justice