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Driver's licenses

Can I drive in Japan with an international driver's license issued in Belgium?

No. Japan does not recognize international driver's licenses issued on the basis of the Convention of Vienna on Road Traffic of 8 November 1968.

However, there are two ways to drive in Japan:

  • holders of a Belgian national driving license, planning to stay in Japan for a period of less than one year, are allowed to drive in Japan with their license, provided that a Japanese translation is attached to it. A translation can be obtained at the Japan Automobile Federation (http://www.jaf.or.jp/e/translation/with.htm).
  • Belgian residents in Japan and Belgians planning to stay in Japan for more than one year have to apply for a Japanese driving license upon their arrival in Japan. You can find more details regarding this procedure on the website of Japan Automobile Federation: http://www.jaf.or.jp/e/translation/switch.htm.