Electronic identity card and Kids-ID

This page provides information on the electronic identity card and Kids-ID.

Written application for an eID and Kids-ID

What do you need for your written application for an eID and Kids-ID.

For each applicant


The Embassy can only issue eIDs and Kids-ID's for citizens who are registered in the Embassy's consular registers. 

Therefore, if the ID application concerns a newborn child or a person who has not yet been registered at the Embassy in Tokyo, a complete registration application must also be done: Registration

An e-Appointment
  • An application can only be done by appointment

For a regular eID (12 years old and up):

the application form

  • completely filled in and duly signed

For a Kids-ID (-12 years old):

the application form

  • completely filled in and duly signed
  • We expect children to sign or put their names as soon as they can write (from the age of 6).


Current Belgian ID card


Police statement (in case of loss or theft)


A copy of your foreign identity card and/or passport
  • Only if you possess a second nationality other than your Belgian nationality
A recent Family Register (kosekitohon) with a "free" translation
  • Only for Belgian citizens who obtained the Japanese nationality (not from birth)
A copy of your Japanese immigration documents
  • Only if you don’t possess the Japanese nationality
  • E.g., your work permit; permanent resident card; visitor record; ...
A document showing your current address in Japanese
  • E.g., a copy of your Japanese residence card or other
The applicable consular fee
  • The exact amount in cash (there is no change available at the consular desk)

A self-addressed LetterPack Plus

  • Only if you wish to receive the new eID by registered mail instead of picking it up.
  • The Embassy cannot be held responsible for any delays, losses, or damages incurred during shipping.