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Identity card (eID)


The procedure for requesting an electronic identity card or a Kids-ID (if your child is 6 years old or over) has been updated since June 2021.The application for an identity card must be requested in person (6 years and up) with an appointment via e-Appointment.

Every Belgian citizen registered at an Embassy or consulate and who is aged 12+ must apply for an identity card. For children under 12 years of age (Kids-ID), this is not compulsory The newest generation of Belgian identity cards has an electronic chip ( hence the name “eID”) that contains the data of the person, (the address is not mentioned, only "Tokyo, Japan"). The holder of an eID has the right to check these data.

If the expiry date on your current eID card is still valid, you do not need to apply for a new one.

If your eID or Kids-ID is lost or stolen, a report to the police is necessary and you must also report the loss to www.checkdoc.be

It takes around 6 weeks to deliver an eID. An application for a new eID can only be submitted by Belgians who have been deregistered from the population register in Belgium and are officially registered in this post. The application can only be processed if your administrative file is up to date.

eID 12y and up: procedure

kidsID: procedure


The Belgian ID card readers  that we have in our Embassy are on our keyboard. Unfortunately, for security reasons, it is not possible to give you access to our ICT equipment.

You can purchase an eID card reader in almost all stores or online web shops that sell computers, multimedia or electrical equipment. For example, you can check with Amazon whether they sell a compatible reader for Belgian identity cards.

The card readers that some banks offer for internet banking can also be used as an eID card reader (https://sma-help.fedict.belgium.be/en/faq/125#6450).

Another possibility is to request a “token” at www.taxonweb.be.