Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Japan

Marriage in Japan


In order to get married in Japan as a Belgian Citizen, you will need the following documents:

  • A certificate of no impediment to marriage (CNIM), delivered by the Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo;
  • A recent birth certificate (less than 6 months old), with an Apostille.

Certain Japanese towns require extra documents; the Embassy suggests to contact the town, in which you plan on submitting your marriage declaration, to verify if, and which, additional documents are required.

Caution: it is strongly discouraged, before departing from Belgium, to apply for a deregistration (model 8) from the population registers of your municipality  in Belgium, until you have obtained a valid Japanese residence permit (not a touristic visa nor a visa with a view to marriage):  if you unsubscribe from your municipality in Belgium before you obtain a valid Japanese residence permit, you cannot register to the consular records of the Embassy nor obtain automatically a certificate of ‘non-impediment to marriage’ .

After obtaining a valid residence permit for Japan, however,  it is strongly recommended to unsubscribe from the municipaltiy in Belgium and to register at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo.


You are not required to come to the Embassy in person to submit an application for the delivery of the CNIM. This application (see Documents below for a model of the application in Dutch or French) has to be done in written form and can either be submitted in person or sent by snail mail. The application has to be explicit and signed. You also have to submit in which official language (Dutch, French, and German) you wish to receive the CNIM.

Below is a short summary of the required documents, according to the Law of 2016/02/06:

1. An official copy of your birth certificate:

  • Delivered by the competent authority of your place of birth (document cannot date more than 6 months);
  • Birth in Belgium: delivered by a Belgian municipality
  • Birth abroad: legalized birth certificate with translation.

For information on how to legalize documents delivered abroad, please contact the local authorities or the Embassy/Consulate in that country.

2. Proof of marital status.

A complete extract of the population register, delivered by the Belgian authorities (municipality/consular post) in whose population you are register; this document does not have to be legalized.

A sworn statement, made at this Embassy (see Documents below for an example in Dutch or French).

3. Choice of residence.

  • If your residence is abroad, i.e. if you are no longer registered in the population registers of a municipality in Belgium: a document in which you (temporarily) choose a residence in Belgium. The choice of residence in Belgium is a legal obligation. You can choose this residence, either with family, friends, acquaintances, lawyer, notary… It is in your interest to choose this residence with a person based on a relationship of trust.
  • This elected residence does not presume residency: It is special and limited to legal acts for which it has to be decided. This address, and no other, will be used for all communications and writs. It is temporary and will cease upon finalizing the procedure.
  • A Belgian citizen registered in the population registers, the alien registers or the waiting register in Belgium has his/her residence in that location.

An official copy of the family register (koseki touhon) of your fiancé(e) + a copy of his/her passport.

With the name and first name clearly visible in Kanji.

Consular rates.

The cost for the certificate is 2600JPY. This charge can be paid by “genkin kakitome fuuto”. This is a special envelope to send money by post and can be obtained from your local post office. Note: Send the money cash and in exact change in Japanese Yen.

Note: If you send the original documents, including your birth certificate, to the Embassy by post, please add 520JPY extra. Your birth certificate will be returned to you, together with the CNIM, by registered mail.


As soon as the Embassy receives all the original documents and verifies them, you will be invited to come to the Embassy together with your fiancé(e) for a small chat, after which the certificate of no impediment to marriage will be handed over. If this visit is difficult because you are in Japan, but not close to Tokyo, then this chat can take place over Skype; please contact the Embassy by mail in this case.

Once you obtain the certificate of no impediment to marriage you can get married in Japan.


In order to correct your civil state in the Belgian National Register, you will need the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your wedding certificate: KOÏN TODOKE KISAI JIKO SHOMEI - to request at the Japanese town hall where the wedding took place. !Be careful: Do not request a Juri Shomeisho. This short version does not contain sufficient information for the Belgian government.
  • Legalization: every authentic certificate delivered by the Japanese government and for use in Belgium has to be provided with an Apostille (see the convention of Den Hague). This formality can be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Gaimusho) (see website).
  • Translation: A translation of your marriage certificate, prepared by a Belgian sworn translator.
  • A list of sworn translators can be obtained at the Court of First Instance in Belgium. A limited list of translators can also be found here. Make sure the names and dates were all correctly translated and transcribed from Japanese to your language.
  • A letter/document on which the date and place of birth (city, prefecture) of your partner is stated.


If you are registered in the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo: First of all, send all the original documents to the Embassy by post. Upon reception of your documents the Embassy will verify the information and adjust your civil state accordingly in the National Register. Next, the originals will be sent back to you by post. (please add 520 JPY in cash or a self-adressed expack 520 envelope) You can use these originals to transcribe your marriage certificate in the registers of civil state in Belgium (see point 4, transcription of marriage certificate in Belgium).

If you are registered in a Belgian commune: Send a copy of all documents to the Embassy. Next you send the original documents to your municipality of residence in Belgium. The municipality will then correct your civil state in the National Register.


If you are registered in the consular registers of this post and you are married in Japan, the Embassy strongly recommends you to transcribe your marriage certificate in your municipality in Belgium after your marriage (note: No inscription or declaration). If you are not registered in Belgium anymore, then in the following order: your last registered municipality in Belgium; registered municipality of blood relatives in Belgium; municipality where your birth was registered or, last: The city of Brussels.

When the certificate has been transcribed, you can obtain an extract or a certified copy of your certificate. To prevent potential problems in the future, the Embassy strongly recommends you to finalize this procedure as soon as possible.

Before starting this procedure, you should contact the concerned municipality to find out their requirements: Some municipalities require you present the documents in person, others will accept family members, etc…

The validity of the marriage certificate with apostille and the translation can be maximum 6 months.


Below you can find some documents that you will need to fill out. Please note that these documents can only be filled out in a national language (Dutch, French or German). 


Aanvraag en Keuze woonplaats

Verklaring op eer

Lijst beëdigde vertalers

Voorbeeld Japanse Huwelijksakte


Demande de CNEM et declaration de domicile

Déclaration sur l'honneur 

Liste de traducteurs assermentés

Example acte de mariage Japonais