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Documents to submit

Your written application for registration (registered and unregistered status) should contain the following documents:

For every family member:

  • (Only for registration by email or at the Embassy) The application form (in French formulaire or Dutch formulier), completely filled in and duly signed Forms for minors (French form or Dutch form). SIgned by both parents for children under 18).
  • (Only for registration by email or at the Embassy) The certificate “model 8/modèle 8” issued by your city administration in Belgium. If you didn’t notify them when you left Belgium you can still do it by mail and request them to send you the certificate (example in Dutch per brief and in French une lettre. If you come from another country and you were previously registered at another Belgian consulate you don’t need to submit this certificate.
  • Copy of your Belgian identity card (back and front)
  • Copy of your Belgian passport (page with passport number, picture and visa (if applicable)
  • Copy of your Japanese Residence card (back and front)
    • For Japanese bipatride, a juminhyo is required. 
  • Copy of your Birth Certificate (if you have one on hand)
  • If you are employed: a copy of your business card (back and front)
  • (Only for registration by email or at the Embassy) The following elections forms duly completed (in French formulaire d’inscription aux élections fédérales and if necessary formulaire de procuration / in Dutch inschrijvingsformulier and if necessary volmachtformulier. (not applicable for unregistered status)
  • If the application concerns a new born child or a person who has NEVER been registered in a city in Belgium or a Belgian consulate abroad: an original birth certificate as well as the certificate of parental recognition if one exists. Both must mention the parents name in full. These certificates may not be issued longer than 6 months ago and need to be officialy legalized and translated. For additional questions concerning the documents, please contact the Embassy by mail.
  • No consular fee is charged. 


Important notice !

In case you haven’t been registered for a longer period, neither in Belgium nor in an embassy or a consulate, a survey will be conducted to see whether you have lost the Belgian nationality. Please be aware that such a survey may take some time and may cause some delay in the handling of your application for a registration, a passport or an identity card. The same applies for children, new born or older who have never been registered before.