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The Embassy does not have a list of pre-departure measures, but if you definitively leave Japan for Belgium or another country, you must notify us in writing mentioning the day of departure. https://japan.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/consular-services/registration-embassy-tokyo/cancelation-your-registration

Your data will be automatically deleted from our database after your new registration in the population registers of a municipality in Belgium or in the consular registers of another Embassy / Consulate of Belgium



In Japan it is necessary to report your departure to the local tax office (if the employer has not already done so), as well as to the social security / pension service, and the municipality of your current domicile and ask if there is still a step to take.

ATTENTION: If you contribute for your pension (compulsory and included in the payment of social security), you must, either from your employer (if deducted from your salary) or from the town hall in case of direct payment, receive a “Pension Handbook” ( your basic Pension Number).


More information about a possible repayment of your pension contribution in Japan: