Request consular certificates

Have you already checked “Mijn Dossier/Mon Dossier” where you can download or print electronic certificates (created after 31 March 2019) for free?

The electronic certificates can be requested in one of the three national languages (Dutch, French and German), are immediately displayed on the screen, can be printed, downloaded and saved as a PDF document with a digital authenticity certificate issued by the FPS Home Affairs, or as an attachment of an email.

If you do not find what you are looking for:

1. if you are “Registered” (unregistered from the register of your municipality in Belgium and registered with the consular register of this Embassy)

You can apply for the following consular certificates in one of the three national languages (NL / FR / D), in writing and after payment:

  • Certificate of registration*
  • Certificate of residence (with or without history)*
  • Certificate of family composition*
  • Certificate of Civil Registry*
  • Certificate of nationality*
    • You can pick up the certificate in person, by e-Appointment, at the consular section.
    • If desired, the certificate can also be sent to you by post. In this case, you must add a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope to the payment. The certificate will then be returned to you using this envelope.
  • Certificate of name agreement
  • Certificate of possession of travel / identity document

* If you need the certificates marked above for use by a Belgian Authority, you can also request them, free of charge, through eConsul. Belgian citizens can also obtain a life certificate through this service, for which you have to upload the necessary exhibits. 

2. if you are “Not-registered” (you are still registered in Belgium):

You should contact your municipality of residence in Belgium.