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Travel restrictions and other measures

From Japan to Belgium: As of May 23, 2022, all travel restrictions on COVID-19 have been lifted.  For ‘very high risk countries’, some travel measures still apply. There are currently no countries designated as such. Please always consult before traveling in order to get the latest updates.

From Belgium to JapanAs of April 29, 2023, all travel restrictions on COVID-19 have been lifted. Please always consult the official website of the Japanese ministry of foreign affairs before traveling in order to get the latest updates.


A vaccination performed in Japan can be registered in Vaccinnet if it meets the following 3 conditions: 

  • The vaccine administered is either a vaccine authorized by the European medicines Agency.
  • The person vaccinated is Belgian OR has his/her main residence in Belgium, OR is the partner or cohabiting child of a Belgian, OR of a person who has his/her residence in Belgium, OR is studying or working in Belgium.
  • The vaccinated person has an official Japanese certificate mentioning the name of the vaccine, the dose administered and the date of vaccination. 
  • The registration of Vaccinnet must be done by a doctor established in Belgium. 

A European digital COVID certificate can be issued to anyone who meets all below conditions: 

  • who has been vaccinated outside Belgium, AND
  • whose vaccination data are available in Vaccinnet, AND
  • who, on the basis of the vaccination data available in Vaccinet, can be considered as fully vaccinated according to a vaccination scheme recognized in Belgium.