Embassy in Tokyo

All practical information on our Embassy in Tokyo.

Press contacts

Contact details for the Japanese and Belgian press.

For the Japanese press

Japanese journalists are exempted from visa obligation if they come to Belgium for professional reasons for a short period of time (max. 90 days). In order to import professional photo and film equipment, an ATA Carnet is requested upon entry in Belgium . If you have to stay in Belgium more than 90 days to work as a Japanese correspondent, you can file a request for a long-term visa (type D) at the Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo. Upon arrival, you can get a temporary Press Accreditation Card when from the press department of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs. You will find more information on those procedures on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.

For the Belgian press

Belgian journalists are exempted from visa obligation if they stay less than 90 days in Japan for professional reasons. For professional activities that request a stay of more than 90 days, a visa application should be filed. For the import of professional photo and film equipment an ATA Carnet is requested upon entry.

In order to quickly find film locations in Tokyo, we recommend this website.

For questions related to press and journalism in Japan, please contact the Foreign Press Center Japan). The FPCJ can handle your application for a Foreign Press Accreditation Card, which will give you access to ministerial briefings. FPCJ can assist you in Japan if you contact them and file a request long enough before your arrival in Japan. In Japan, we recommend that you make use of an interpreter or a local fixer, as knowledge of English is often limited.

The Marilo Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, awards grants to Belgian or European journalists who want to realize an article, a series of articles, a radio or TV report about the Japanese society or economy. More information about possible calls for projects.

Press contacts at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo

If you have further questions, please contact Eduard van Kleunen and Mia Vanassche, tokyo@diplobel.fed.be, Tel. +81-3-3262-0191.