Since October 1st, 2012, all new Belgian passports have to contain biometric data. These data (fingerprints, identity picture, and signature) have to be registered “live”.

Therefore, to obtain a biometric passport, all Belgian citizens (from the age of 6) have to apply in person at the Embassy after making an e-Appointment. If you need to apply for a new passport but you can not make it to the Embassy in Tokyo, there are some alternative ways to get your biometric data registered (see "preregistration").


The validity of a passport is 7 years for adults, and 5 years for minors (under 18). The validity of a passport can also expire due to damage, when the picture doesn’t resemble the holder anymore, or when the holder has lost his/her Belgian nationality.

Application procedure

Applications for children younger than 6 years old can still be submitted by post to the Embassy in Tokyo.  Everyone above 6 has to appear in person for the registration of the biometric data.

  1. Prepare the necessary documents to submit*
  2. Make an appointment through e-Appointment (for the submission of your application file and the registration of your biometric data)

*As well as any other documents needed for the update of your administrative file, if there were any (recent) relevant changes.

Duration of the procedure

The issuance of a passport takes around 3 to 4 weeks on the condition that your administrative file at the Embassy in Tokyo is up to date.


Biometric data are kept for 3 months unless you indicate a 7-year period on your application form. This option might come in handy in case your passport becomes defective or gets lost or stolen. During this period you can get a duplicate of your passport with the same expiry date without having to appear again in person for the registration of the biometric data.

For which countries do you need a passport?

Belgians residing in Japan generally already have a Belgian passport. In order to know precisely which travel documents you need to travel abroad as a Belgian (identity card, passport, visa,…), contact the embassy or the consulate representing your country of destination. In many countries, you can travel freely with just a Belgian identity card or passport. You will need to have a valid visa in your passport for others. On the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs you will find further information on this subject.

Temporary passport

This type of passport can only be delivered under exceptional circumstances. Being late with your regular passport application is not considered an exceptional circumstance.


  • The validity of a temporary passport is limited in time and space
  • A temporary passport is not accepted as a valid travel document by all countries. It can, for example, not be used for traveling into the United States, not even for transiting in a US airport.