Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Japan

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Belgium in Japan! - 在日ベルギー大使館のサイトにようこそ!

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Belgium in Japan! - 在日ベルギー大使館のサイトにようこそ!

Embassy opening hours

The Belgian Embassy in Tokyo is exceptionally open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., preferably by appointment.

Please read before visiting our embassy: Covid-19: New Normal at the Embassy


Starting from June 15th,  trips from Belgium to countries of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, are being permitted again. Whether it is also possible to enter another country depends on the permission of the country of destination. It is therefore very important to check the travel advice per country and to be well informed about the situation in the country of destination.

Non-essential travel outside the European Union will remain prohibited until further notice.

DISCLAIMER: This overview is based on currently available information. This information will be updated regularly. No rights can be derived from this overview.

Travel restrictions to Belgium

In compliance with European Recommendation 9208/20, the Belgian government has taken specific measures on Wednesday, 1 July 2020, concerning the gradual reopening of its borders for travelers from Japan. 
Travelers in possession of a valid stay permit (resident card) as well as travelers in possession of a valid D Visa, regardless of the type, are able to travel to Belgium. Nevertheless, holders of a valid visa are strongly advised to postpone any non-essential travel.

To find out more about the current temporary travel restrictions, as well as other categories of exemption, go to the website of the Immigration Office: Travel to Belgium and Visa: gradual recovery

To find out if you can apply for a visa, see our section "Visa for Belgium"

Currently, all countries outside the EU and the Schengen countries are designated as red zones. Travelers from Japan are therefore considered as coming from a red zone.

Every passenger on an Extra-Schengen flight to Belgium is obliged to complete this "Public Health Passenger Locator Form" prior to travel. On arrival in Belgium, the form must be handed over to the designated authorities at the border. This is a sanitary measure imposed by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment. Further information can be found on the form itself.

Upon arrival in Belgium, every passenger from a red zone is required to perform a screening test and to undergo a period of self-isolation.

For more information, please visit  National Crisis Center, FAQ section:

“What measures apply when you travel from Belgium to countries within the European Union, the Schengen zone and the United Kingdom?”

“When should I fill in a "Public Health Passenger Locator Form?”

“What does 'quarantine' mean?”

“When should people travelling from abroad self-isolate?”

Travel restrictions to Japan  

Warning! Travelers from Belgium (as well as many other countries, including all European countries) cannot currently enter Japanese territory!

The Japanese government has taken temporary measures for Belgian travelers and/or travelers from Belgium, as well as many other countries. The measures will be in force until August 31, 2020, but may be extended.

Please consult the websites of the Japanese authorities:

As well as our Covid-19 page, section “Covid-19 “Travel restrictions to Japan” (NL / FR)


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Are you moving to Japan or are you going to visit Japan? Please make sure that you read our frequently asked questions about travel to Japan before starting your journey.


Do you live in Japan? If you are a Belgian citizen, please register with the Embassy, by visiting our consular section in Tokyo or by sending us an e-mail. Also go to our consular services pages for more information about what we can do for Belgian citizens living in Japan and Japanese citizens who want to come to Belgium. 


If you are interested in Belgium and would like to study, work or do business in Belgium, please check the latest opportunities in terms of scholarships and executive training, or read some general information about the relations between Belgium and Japan.



17 Jul

The world of multilateral diplomacy and international justice - of which the International Criminal Court is part - is going through a deep crisis and has to face threats and hostile action. The relevance of multilateral institutions is being questioned and countries are increasingly withdrawing into themselves. On International Justice Day, Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin emphasizes that Belgium will continue its efforts to strengthen the rule of law and the unique and essential role of the International Criminal Court.

12 Jul

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Philippe Goffin, welcomes the compromise reached by the members of the United Nations Security Council, which extends the "cross-border" mechanism aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people for 12 months via the Bab al-Hawa border point. However, the possibilities for delivering humanitarian aid through Bab al-Salam need to be improved.

11 Jul

July 11, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Srebrenica genocide. It was on July 11, 1995 that the town of Srebrenica fell into the hands of Bosnian-Serb forces led by General Ratko Mladic. In the days that followed, in less than a week they abducted and murdered more than 8,000 people, mostly men and teenagers, simply because they were Bosniacs.

04 Jul

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up all habits and forced everyone to review certain operating modes. This was also the case for the FPS Foreign Affairs, where teleworking was the rule, even though it had to carry out one of its fundamental tasks: assisting Belgians abroad. Not simple when the crisis was worldwide: “It is as if you had 200 earthquakes and many aftershocks at the same time, including in Belgium”, says Minister Goffin.

02 Jul

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Philippe Goffin (MR) states that: "Following the adoption on 30 June of the European recommendation which gradually authorises non-essential travel from some 15 countries outside the European Union, Belgium has begun consultations with experts from the public services concerned with a view to achieving a cautious reopening of its borders".